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Have you ever looked at modern retro-style travel posters and wondered where to start? This class is for anyone wanting to capture a retro or vintage feel in their work using Adobe Illustrator. I’ll take you through my process from idea generation to finished poster, giving you tips along the way as you sharpen your skills with the pen and pencil tools and learn time-saving techniques to add depth and detail.

Have you ever looked at a word and felt a certain emotion, before even reading it? This is the sometimes under-appreciated power of typography at work. To quote Ellen Lupton, “Typography is what language looks like”. And text posters are a simple way of adding our own language of meaning to a home or space. As an added bonus, they make the perfect gift for loved ones. This class is for anyone wishing to design a stunning, well-considered text print packed with personality.

My teaching story

I discovered the learning platform Skillshare several years ago. As a creative person who loves to learn new skills, it was the ideal platform to do just that.

Based on some of my completed projects, I was invited to a teach challenge, where I put together my first class, Create a Retro Style Travel Poster in Adobe Illustrator. I took part in a second teach challenge earlier this year and published Wordy Wall Art: 4 Principles of Typographic Poster Design, which was featured by Skillshare on their Graphic Design page. I’m currently developing a third class, Meditative Digital Pointillism: Create Art while Finding Calm, and I have a big list of other classes to plan out too!

My aim is to be able to share with others what I have learned over the years, hopefully making it easier for them to access and develop their own creative sides, and truly live their best lives.

Antarctica retro poster emperor penguins underneath theaurora
Antarctica retro poster emperor penguins underneath theaurora