Rata Forest

This pattern is inspired by time spent in Milford, Doubtful and Dusky Sounds. The Rata trees stretch their branches out over the waters of the fiords and it’s so calm and peaceful. The bright splashes of red over December and January (and even some confused blooms in other months) are always a welcome and uplifting sight.

Rata Leaves

The second pattern in the collection ties in with the first, creating a calm forest feel, in the cool safety of the trees. The scale of the leaves is smaller to bring the sage background forward and create a feeling of tranquility. This also acts as a counterbalance when paired with the red of the rata flowers.

White Rata

This pattern is inspired by the striking Metrosideros Perforata, also known as white rata, climbing rata, Akatea or Akatorotoro. I focused on the flowers here, choosing a muted palette to create cohesion and not compete too much with the main pattern.

White Rata, Rata Forest collection toddler girl clothing mockup
White Rata wallpaper mockup

Kaka Feathers

Thinking about what birds are attracted to Rata flowers, I was immediately drawn to the Kaka and its wonderful colours that fit perfectly into my existing palette. I began sketching kakas, finally settling on a simplified pattern inspired by their feathers.

Rata Buds

This pattern was designed to work as a coordinate with simple shapes based on rata flower buds.

Hearts & Kisses

A cute heart shape made from three rata flowers, plus an ‘X’ from leaves.

Update, September 2020

The Rata Forest collection was shortlisted for the Bolt of Cloth 2020 Textile Design Award! I was so honoured to be selected as a finalist.


This is my first ever pattern collection, and represents a bit of a breakthrough with my technique creating stylised motifs. I love the simplicity of the rata flowers and leaves and I think the colour scheme is both restful and interesting.

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Rata Forest fabric collection