Aromatic Garden surface pattern design floral tableware mockup
Aromatic Garden Flora surface pattern design floral plate mockup
Aromatic Garden Spice surface pattern design line art apron mockup

This is a new collection called Bee-Lines.

I had fun creating aimless marks and seeing where it took me. It reminded me of squadrons of bees in motion, or if you want to get philosophical about it, the busywork of our boxed-in, human lives. Head down, bum up, with little time for anything else.

Patterns are from left to right: Bee-Lines, Sidetracks, Peaky Flyers, Hive and Settle Petal.

Aromatic Garden Citrus surface pattern design floral plates mockup
Aromatic Garden Peppermint surface pattern design wallpaper mockup
Aromatic Garden Droplets surface pattern design geometric mug mockup


This was a fantastic prompt. I’d not done anything remotely abstract and it was fun to just make marks without any strict subject material. Once again I picked bright colours, departing from my typical muted palettes.

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