Aromatic Garden surface pattern design floral tableware mockup
Aromatic Garden Flora surface pattern design floral plate mockup
Aromatic Garden Spice surface pattern design line art apron mockup
Aromatic Garden Droplets surface pattern design geometric mug mockup

This collection consists of seven patterns themed around essential oils and their ingredients. I tried to vary my techniques, mixing line art and solid motifs. In the fourth pattern, ‘Peppermint’, I layered elements for more depth. A few patterns stand out as my favourites. These are the third pattern – ‘Flora’ (seen here on a plate) and the fifth pattern – ‘Spice’, in which I incorporated hand-lettering. I really love the colour palette, which just goes to show that careful consideration here plays a big part in the end result.

Aromatic Garden Citrus surface pattern design floral plates mockup
Aromatic Garden Peppermint surface pattern design wallpaper mockup
Aromatic Garden Bottles surface pattern design line art apron mockup

This collection is available in my Spoonflower shop. Or, if you are a Kiwi after some awesome quality NZ printed fabric, please get in touch.


I am pleased with the variety in both colour use and motifs. Each pattern works cohesively in the collection and it is clear which pattern is the main ‘hero’. I could have perhaps made a lavender pattern, seeing how widely used the oil is. But I had to stop somewhere!

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Aromatic Garden fabric collection