About Moondog

Hi! I’m Keren, the creator of Moondog.

I’m an illustrator, designer and mum of two, freelancing from my home in Nelson, New Zealand.

I started Moondog as a side hustle in 2010, with contract graphic design work for clients in and around Melbourne, Australia. That was also the year I moved to New Zealand to work and study, adding web design and advertising to my skillset in 2012 and going on to develop a specialty in detailed, vector illustrated NZ retro posters.

In 2020 I started creating repeat patterns. That year I was a finalist in the NZ Bolt of Cloth Textile Design Award, with my first ever pattern design, Rata Forest. I’ve since licensed patterns to NZ brands Sassypants, Honeywrap and Woolbabe.

I love a creative challenge and I’ve worked everywhere from kitchens to boats, and often in small remote spaces (think cupboard size with no internet). I like to play guitar when I get the chance and also never-endingly edit my middle grade fantasy novel, which I hope to turn into a series if I ever get published. (I’m sure I’ll get there one day!)

My current focus is developing online classes (check them out here) and working on more art. I’m also open to commissions and licensing. If you like what you see and want to collaborate, I’d love to hear from you!

Why ‘Moondog’?

Twelve years ago, when creating a brand name for myself in design school, I was inspired by sundogs, a phenomenon also known as a parhelion or mock sun, where a partial rainbow appears in a halo shape either side of the sun. I’d seen them from small planes and loved the sense of wonder they inspired.

But it turned out the name Sundog was already pretty well used. So, I flipped it to get Moondog.

A moondog is an even more rare phenomenon, called a mock moon or paraselene, which is a bright spot on one or both sides of the moon. I liked the added sense of mystery, which mirrors the right brained wonderful weirdness that is creativity. And all the dog-related puns are just an added bonus!


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